MAIOR ITALY is a skilled team of Italian artisans with more than 20 years presence in the jewelry and accessories industry launched in 2016 by Enrico Martelli (founder and designer)  who was inspired by a concept of “unique jewelry for unique people”, an independent creativity shaped in the sign of craftmanship.


We combines ancient processing techniques of sterling silver with a contemporary design, for handmade creations that convey the charm of craftsmanship and great care to details.



MAIOR is a brand made and worn by those who thinks and acts independently of and differently from others, free-spirited who dance to their own beat inspired by this world, different cultures and experiences without price. You can choose your jewel or set by discovering our collections or we can bring your most unique jewelry idea to life, because jewels are not only something to show off. They are part of us, of our story, and deserve to be celebrated with the most refined techniques.



The Skull, very much present in most of our work, is a symbol of humanity, of uniqueness and similarity. We are all equals but we are all different, each of us have unique nuances that make us who we are and who we want to become. For us the skull is deemed to be a symbol for art, beauty and the celebration of life.